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Geiler Honig - Honey from Flensburg 250g


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Geiler Honig - Honey from Flensburg 250g

After the rapeseed flower blossom the bee colonies is in June being moved too the Flensburger Volkspark. The result is an aromatic Flensburg honey, which is called Küstenblüte.

The honey is then being analyzed in the laboratory. Finally, the Result: Chestnuts 23%, fruit trees ( apple and cherry) 9%, clover 5%, linden 5%, vetch 4% and a number of other plants.


- Honey from the Flensburger Volkspark (collected chestnut, fruit, linden)

- Creamy consistency due to long stirring (melts on the tongue)
- High-quality, non-heat-treated natural product full of healthy

- ingredients (supports, inter alia, immune system and digestion and also has     an antibacterial effect)
- Original brand with contemporary presentation (smiles guaranteed, chic          design with loving details)
- A jewel on the breakfast table (for gourmets and lovers of beautiful designs)
- Also ideal as a gift or souvenir (for a birthday, as a small souvenir ...)


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